“You sure you want two takes?”

Our concept featured a 16 year old female mistakenly backing her Ford Fiesta through her family home. And our perfectionist director insisted on every scene happening TWICE.

F Build a house. Destroy a house. Repeat. All in one day.

As you can imagine, two takes of an automobile laying to waste a kitchen, a family room, a hallway, a staircase, the rear patio and the family doghouse was going to present a real budget challenge. But we found a way. We decided to bid locations worldwide to find the maximum production value for the price. We found the perfect partner in Cape Town, South Africa, where we assembled a 105 person crew on a massive soundstage with a Hollywood-level art department and an expert stunt driver. Suddenly, a spot that seemed impossible a few months earlier was coming to life before our eyes. The crew was literally rebuilding one part of the house as we were crashing through another. To this day, it’s one of the greatest production feats we’ve ever seen.





Living Room



The aftermath.
F Two takes, for assured destruction.
A “family photo” we shot of the actors before the crash ended up as a nice touch.