Keeping it real.

Our “Never Saw It Coming” series was named the 3rd best financial campaign in America after Citibank and E*Trade. It insightfully portrayed the little surprises that can literally come out of nowhere in life. From the column in the parking deck you didn’t see, to the oncoming speeding car you never noticed when you were in the turn lane. Our “unseen force” for destruction might have been accomplished entirely with computer graphics, but our director wanted the realism that genuine destruction would bring.

Still shooting, on a shopping mall parking deck at 3 AM – and scheduled to fly home the next day.

Instead of computer graphics,
Director Josh Miller wanted the realism that
only genuine destruction could bring.

Thus began the task of finding the right rigging company to do the job. A talented effects team in Argentina wanted to prove to us that they were up to the task. We were a little nervous, not having worked with the group before. But the test, which featured invisible hailstones denting the hood of a car, convinced us beyond the shadow of a doubt. Our new friends at ArgentinaCine, together with our stateside technical advisors at Boston’s Brickyard VFX, pulled off the shoot without a hitch.