An unarmed invasion of suburbia.

And now for something completely different. One of our creative teams was discussing the notion of safety — and how families seemed to be buying bigger and bigger vehicles to keep their kids safe. Somebody buys a minivan, someone else buys a big SUV, someone one-ups them with a Hummer. It was like an arms race. We thought, what if you took that to its ultimate conclusion, and had everyone driving tanks? Where on earth are you going to find tanks you can just drive on the street? Answer: a enterprising production company in South Africa, who scrambled harder than anyone to find us answer.

They identified a private collector
who just happened to have
six tanks sitting around.

Our coffee shop was named in honor of the executive producer.

There were no shortage of logistics to consider. The sheer weight of the vehicles made driving them hazardous to just about any roadway. We quickly discovered that vintage WW II tanks aren’t quite as reliable as, say, a modern Toyota. And the script called for not six, but literally dozens of vehicles. How were we going to pull that off?

Just another day at the supermarket.
The heavier tanks had to remain stationary; their tracks would have sunk into the asphalt.

You know you’re doing
something bold when
they scramble jets over
your shoot location.

To say that our shoot got a good deal of attention is an understatement. In addition to the raised eyebrows and inquisitive stares from neighbors, at one point the South African Air Force thought it might be a good idea to fly over and have a look. “Tanks” continued to help us portray ALFA as a company who thought differently about insurance, and it got some nice kudos in the award shows.