One team, two continents.

“Transformation” makes light of the slick marketing and false perceptions that $1.5 billion in advertising dollars can create. When a client tries to file a claim with his seemingly fantastic insurer, the company literally camouflages itself so that the staff doesn’t have to pay his claim.

Our imaginative director, Kevin Donovan, and a fantastic art department in Cape Town helped us transform the world’s sexiest insurance company into an accounting firm over the course of sixty seconds.
Dress rehearsal.

Inspired in part by the hyper-optimistic attire and feel of 1970s airlines, we set out to create our own imaginary insurance company, IMPACT Car Insurance.

We truly worked 24 hours a day, as one seamless team across two continents. Our director and shoot team were casting and photographing the “employees” in South Africa and just as they wrapped their day, the design team went to work back in Birmingham, using those same images to create an entire fake corporate identity — ads, logos, posters, color palette, even a fictional employee handbook on how to pamper their customers.

Design teams on two continents worked seamlessly to create the props.

Thanks to a rotating wall and skillful editing, the room transformed in seconds.

Early morning and late night phone calls kept the process moving and the collaboration going, and both sides of the ocean couldn’t have been more thrilled with the finished product — which resulted in multiple Best of Show Broadcast wins.