The business of tomorrows.


ALFA Insurance

The insurance advertising landscape has never been more crowded.

As industry juggernauts like GEICO and State Farm pummeled consumers with a barrage of messaging pitched by a rogue’s gallery of lizards, ducks, and Flos, ALFA Insurance — an outgrowth of the Alabama Farmers Federation — was getting lost in the crowd. As other brands touted savings above all else, we created a brand based on the virtue of face-to-face conversation. Using the theme, “Let’s Talk About Tomorrow,” we reminded people that every day brings changes, opportunities, and threats — every one of them a distinct reason to talk with an ALFA agent.


We used this quiet, unassuming anthem to introduce the “Let’s Talk About Tomorrow” theme.


Shot in an abandoned warehouse outside Toronto, this spot employs a slightly Orwellian feel to offer a stark contrast between the impersonal service of the online players and the real relationship you can have with an ALFA agent.

“High Risk”

High-risk drivers are out there — so we decided to introduce consumers to them.


We decided to make light of the glossy, idealized marketing image that insurance companies present — until it’s time to actually pay a claim.

IMMERSION | One team, two continents

We kept the conversation going with visually-fresh print ads that pointed out out key product benefits like money-saving discounts and attentive personal service.


Each year, new spots would hit the air, each offering another fresh take on “tomorrow” and focusing on yet another reason to have a conversation with your ALFA agent.


ALFA is known for their unusually fast claim service, which we highlighted in this early commercial.

IMMERSION | The longest take

“Upside Down”

When you have a teen driver in the house, it’s always something.

“Living Room”

A teen driver is every parent’s nightmare. We brought that nightmare to life, with humor.

IMMERSION | You sure you want two takes?

“Parking Garage”

ALFA’S “Never Saw It Coming” series won national recognition in the financial communications  industry, alongside campaigns from Citibank and e*Trade.

IMMERSION | Keeping it real

“Turn Lane”

Shot in Buenos Aires, the “Never Saw It Coming” commercials used elaborate rigging to make  cars appear to crash into invisible objects and vehicles.


We had all done our share of living in “garden apartment communities,” so when the time came   to talk about renter’s insurance, we knew just how to relate.

“Rental Counter”

How much protection is too much? We’ve all been through the experience of being upsold at a car rental counter — so the creative team took it to a humorous (even absurd) extreme.


It’s not every day the South African Air Force scrambles forces to fly over your shoot and investigate. But this spot featuring vintage Army tanks got everyone’s attention.

IMMERSION | An unarmed invasion

“Coming For You”

Created on a project basis before we won the ALFA business, we used a peanut field in Atmore, AL, a half-crazy Korean War vet piloting a helicopter, and a little CG magic to create this chilling re-enactment.


How can every insurance company promise you savings over the other one? One enterprising consumer decides to ask.

“Up To”

Anyone can save you “up to” hundreds on your insurance. So everyone says it.

“Factory Parts”

Not every auto policy covers genuine OEM replacement parts when you file a claim.