Whiskered sisters.


Good People Brewing Co. — Bearded Lady

Light-bodied. Full-beered.

Good People Brewing Company’s Bearded Lady American Wheat Ale is the brewer’s take on a traditional Weissbier. Light-bodied, but flavorful — with bright, citrus notes — and radiantly golden in color, it’s also one of Good People’s most popular brews, appealing to both craft beer enthusiasts and newcomers alike. The can design aims to strike the right balance of delicate and bold, while incorporating a playful, reverent sense of humor. With its namesake beautiful beardy broad as the focal point — rendered elegantly and, dare we say, seductively — and a color palette inspired by the beer’s taste and appearance, Bearded Lady’s design is cleanly simple and bold; albeit with one subtle, but important embellishment. Wispy, hair-thin breaks in the background help to activate the can’s surface, while calling to mind flowing locks of hair, rolling fields of wheat, and the swirl of the pour.

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