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Nurse Recruitment: Knowing Your Audience on a Deeper Level Can Make All the Difference


Like every healthcare organization—with the nursing shortage at an industry high and experienced nurses retiring early—Orlando Health looked to Lewis to help boost their recruitment efforts with a compelling and persuasive campaign.

For the campaign to be effective, we understood messaging must resonate with nurses, and its methods must be persuasive enough to attract talent to this nationally-recognized healthcare organization. Even more, there was the issue of time. Once Orlando Health made the initial contact with Lewis, we were able to map out a full campaign and deploy campaign touch points within just a few weeks, without sacrificing the critical research and audience profiling that would inform our approach.

Through social listening, Lewis surfaced online conversations between Orlando nurses on review sites and social channels like Reddit, Facebook and TikTok. Observing comments and dialog between nurses informed campaign messaging, and prompted Lewis to project empathy in its messaging style and tone, validating current sentiments among those in the nursing profession. This was not an audience in a glass-half-full mindset. And, as such, it was important to honor nurses, both those already working at Orlando Health and prospective hires, through the recruitment campaign.

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Even as the global pandemic presented countless challenges to those in the nursing field, these professionals never lost their driving desire to help others. In 2022, we learned through our own in-house research that nurses remained passionate about their work. Specifically, less than 5% of nurses/healthcare workers cited a lack of passion as a reason for considering changing jobs or retiring.

And in a June 2022 study, 66% of healthcare respondents selected the answer, “I am doing something meaningful to help people,” as their reason for enjoying their work and their motivation for remaining in the profession. This answer was selected by those surveyed more than any other. So our campaign’s creative work was developed to recognize the subtle ways nurses make a significant difference through the passion they have for their patients’ care and the care of each other.

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Ultimately, campaign assets were developed to celebrate nurses and their driving desire to help others. Creative featured Orlando Health nurses and cited tangible ways Orlando Health supported its nurses.

Equally important, Lewis developed content to signal Orlando Health’s increased hiring efforts and used the content to target current Orlando Health employees. Beyond citing increased pay, 52% of nurses surveyed in a national 2022 study said hiring more nurses or support staff would increase their workplace satisfaction.

Even as this campaign is in its early stages, Orlando Health has benefited from an immediate and positive impact on its hiring efforts. At the same time, the campaign has generated goodwill—both inside the organization and out in the community—for honoring nurses.

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