Please Fail Hero

Please Fail

In a recent Harvard Business Review article, there was an interesting debate on what makes an ad go viral. The feedback on this article was great. Some said it just needed to be really funny. Others said people needed to feel "cool" in order to share something. And several professionals even said there is no rhyme or reason to why ads go viral. Regardless of where you stand, the crux in the whole situation is that if a brand doesn't benefit from 10 million views on YouTube, then have they really accomplished anything?

Let's look at Facebook. Many agencies out there are in the game of "growing" a Facebook page. We are in charge of that for several of our clients, and we take great pride in not caring how many people actually "Like" a page.

We want people who care about the brand. Look at how BMW and Coke cater to people who engage with their brand. They are building brand loyalty, not "Likes." Then there is the great competition of building a website correctly. SEO. HTML5. Content. Conversions. KPIs. Strategy.

Just how do I do it right? The truth is, you don't. At least not initially. You formulate your strategy. You research and define your market. You design to solve their needs. Then you construct a site that is flexible, trackable, and always moving.

Jake Fagan
  • Content Marketing