Using sports to kickoff a new hospital? ¡Vamos!

Orlando Health Using sports to kickoff a new hospital? ¡Vamos!


Opening the very first dedicated orthopedic hospital in the state of Florida is a big deal. So when Orlando Health wanted to give Floridians a “tour” of their new, state-of-the-art Orlando Health Jewitt Orthopedic Institute, we knew it needed to be something unexpected and unforgettable.

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We needed to show off several important areas throughout the hospital and emphasize that this was the place to go for both pro athletes and everyday patients looking to recover from orthopedic issues. So what better way to do both than stage an epic 
game of keep-away. Utilizing Orlando Health’s already existing sports partnerships, 
we recruited Orlando Pride soccer star Kerry Abello, and it was game on.



A little bit of action, a little bit of humor, and a clever use of a security guard turned play-by-play announcer to help deliver key copy points and we were ready to roll. 
But we knew we’d need some serious production muscle to help us pull off so many stunts and choreography inside an already operating hospital. So we partnered with Kieth McCarthy at Object & Animal to help us bring the madness to life.



Thanks to tons of hard work and close collaboration between the Lewis team, Keith’s team, the veritable army of Orlando Health employees who bent over backward to make our production possible and some incredible footwork by Kerry (and her remarkable stunt double) we met our goals and celebrated them, too. Most importantly, we introduced the new Orlando Health Jewitt Orthopedic Hospital to the people of Florida in a way they’ll never forget.