Changing healthcare today because tomorrow can’t wait. 

UVA Health Changing healthcare today because tomorrow can’t wait. 


Let’s face it. No one is satisfied with the status quo in healthcare. As a renowned academic medical center, UVA Health felt the responsibility to take a leadership role in addressing the issues and pointing a way forward.


Changing healthcare is a big task to say the least. Making any impact would require a message that resonated with everyone, both internally and externally. It would also take radical candor. Putting aside boastful claims and emphasizing the need for change because tomorrow can’t wait.

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We had a big message to send, and an even bigger audience to reach. Our omni-channel approach included mass, digital, and owned content. We pushed our message on everything from broadcast and cable down to on-campus posters, clings and screensavers. Our integrated approach focused strategically on UVA’s primary service areas and key geographies and empasized our leadership role through premium environments such as the for a cohesive campaign.

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UVA Children's Hospital was losing preference among the key audience of mothers with young children and something had to be done.

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Looking deep into the data, we spotted several red flags. Prolonged budget constraints had led to to a lack of brand presence and general lack of awareness. Without a strong children's hospital brand the UVA Health umbrella brand was sure to suffer.

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We reintroduced our target market to UVA Children's Hospital, increasing awareness of the brand and the quality pediatric services it offered. The downward trend was halted and transformed into positive gains in only a short period of time, leaving the Children's Hospital and the larger UVA Health brand stronger than before.

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Pediatric Preference (YOY)


Patient Volume (Compared to previous period)