Launching dreams and a new brand in 3…2…1…

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Alabama Launchpad is dedicated to helping the brightest young entrepreneurs get their business ideas off the ground. But without an established brand for the state’s largest startup pitch competition, potential competitors weren’t aware of the opportunity, and many who were, found the application process too daunting to even try.



Winning one of Alabama Launchpad’s three annual pitch competitions is about more than prize money. Through mentorship, networking, and yes, capital, participants receive the foundational building blocks to become successes in business and life. So we took those building blocks and built a brand out of them.

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Grand Debut

You can’t win if you don’t enter. And unfortunately, entering Launchpad’s competitions was a bear. Especially for those in traditionally under-represented groups. So we streamlined the website, laid out the application process in easy-to-follow steps, and highlighted past winners and current mentors to make everything as friendly and non-intimidating as possible.

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By creating a flexible system that radiates youthful energy and optimism, we built a brand that’s poised to rocket Alabama’s best and brightest to uncharted success. Applications from women and minorities are already up, from 30% of total applications the previous year to an encouraging 44% and 56% following our rebrand.