Managing, Building and Implementing Profitable Strategies


Abeka equips students, teachers, and parents with Pre-K through grade 12 academic resources both on and offline. They first came to Lewis in 2013 as the homeschool industry was rapidly beginning to grow, and Abeka’s growth with the D2C market was stagnant.



Tackling immediate needs wasn’t going to cut it. We needed to become a full-service, strategic partner to help reshape their business long-term. We deeply immersed ourselves to understand their vision and mission, building trust with Abeka’s C-suite, and operating not as a marketing firm but as a key stakeholder focused on business growth. This resulted in a strategic, integrated, omnichannel approach that closely aligned with marketing, e-commerce, publishing, product development and customer service.

The goal was to compound what they were already doing well, while plugging our resources in to fill gaps where we have expertise. Since becoming a true, invested partner, the business is growing year-over-year.


• Identified most profitable product categories

• Mined data to inform the distribution and messaging strategies

• Rebranded across all channels and platforms

• Integrated their sales and marketing campaigns

• Built a customer-centric strategy

• Drove engagement on all their owned channels

• Managed and built effective segmented strategies for their paid, owned, and earned channels

• Implemented paid search and targeted ads

• Optimized third-party distribution opportunities

• Developed ongoing influencer campaigns

• Analyzed real-time data to continuously inform ongoing strategy

• Used consumer behavior to inform powerful, insightful creative


As 2020 and 2021 have brought unprecedented growth to the homeschool category, Lewis has teamed up with Abeka to be sure they were right where their potential customers would be looking. New account growth, retention, and share of wallet all grew at unprecedented percentages, ensuring that Abeka not only retained market share in an increasingly competitive category, but grew exponentially. Abeka has been able to hold onto this momentum YOY by utilizing Lewis' proprietary business growth model.


Most noticeable increases in website transactions, email list growth, social media expansion and paid digital ROI.