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A Roadmap To Building Sustainable Telehealth Services Beyond the Pandemic

Telehealth isn’t just a mandatory service offering anymore. Private payors are starting to commit to reimbursement parity. Telehealth can open the door for new patients. And it’s a proven way to retain the patients you currently have.

However, there are a lot of questions still to be considered before jumping into a strategy for a sustainable plan for the future of telehealth, no matter which area of healthcare you fall into.

Customized for Your Organization

Lewis has been helping our clients navigate the uncharted telehealth territory for several years. Our healthcare research experts and business intelligence teams have collaboratively developed a roadmap to establish a thorough analysis and subsequent strategy tailored to find the telehealth use cases to prioritize beyond COVID-19. We call it the “Telehealth Roadmap.” It starts with a close evaluation of what you already have working for and against you.

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If you are working to answer any of these questions, the roadmap can help:

Evaluate Opportunities

  • What’s untapped that could be driving revenue?
  • Where is telehealth working best in your organization?
  • Are there more profitable telehealth opportunities in your market that you haven’t tapped into yet?

Establish Experts

  • Who should be on your task force?
  • Do you know who the experts are on your internal team?
  • Is there expertise you need to pull in?

Understand How to Compete

  • What will it take to compete for – and win – new users?
  • Will you lose out to competition unless you adjust your patient experience?
  • Do you have a lead generation plan with a clear ROI measurement?

Efficient Execution

  • What long-term tools and processes will meet patient and provider expectations?
  • Are the processes you have in place today sustainable?
  • Do you need to readjust your CRM, EHR, or other software to deliver on an experience that providers and patients will use over and over?