Creating a unified brand for serious outdoor enthusiasts

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Grizzly was one of the early creators of rotomolded coolers with incredibly tough construction. In fact, it was one of the first companies whose coolers were certified IGBC Bear-Resistant. Grizzly’s products were deeply trusted by a tight circle of hunters and outdoor enthusiasts, but weren’t as well known as competitor Yeti in the larger consumer market. Grizzly asked us to grow the brand’s reputation and increase engagement in order to set the stage for future sales growth.



Our Audience Intelligence team revealed an opportunity in the marketplace: as Yeti had grown and diversified to become more of a fashion brand, offering a seemingly endless array of products from wine coolers to dog beds, it left an opening within the core market for a more rugged, credible brand for the serious hunting and fishing enthusiast.

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Grizzly had also leveraged its rotomolding process to create new products - but unlike Yeti, remained firmly focused on their core audience of hunting and fishing enthusiasts. Grizzly used their design and manufacturing skills to create an innovative new hunting blind for deer hunters featuring a lifetime guarantee, as well as grip bottles, camp cups, and a few accessories.

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Audience Intelligence helped us identify consumers with the most propensity to buy. We wanted to capture the imagination of that core hunting and fishing audience, and differentiate ourselves from the market leader, Yeti. But to do so, we needed a positioning with a versatility that allowed us to thread a meaningful story through several diverse and disparate products.

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Our Connected Brand Experience delivered consistent messaging at every point of the customer journey, to create trackable sales growth. We crafted a campaign line for the brand: “What you live for, is what we build for.” The platform enabled us to connect coolers, hunting blinds and other gear into a single, powerful brand story that would unify and elevate Grizzly’s brand.

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