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Whitetail Properties connects buyers and sellers of hunting, ranch and farm land. Their land experts and rural market analysts operate in 38 states specializing in acreage ideally suited for use as an investment vehicle or outdoor recreational property. We began working with the rural real estate company in 2010 to build and evolve their digital platform.


Data sets unique to the rural real estate industry and Whitetail’s target audience profiles gave us an in-depth understanding of how prospective buyers search for property. We determined that search was the most effective way for Whitetail to be competitive with much bigger and more established real estate brokers. Over time, as traffic to the site grew and online engagement led to a marked increase in sales, so did the need for a more robust and expansive, web-based operational platform that could scale with their business.


To drive new, organic users to Whitetail Properties’ website and online property listings, we launched a content marketing plan designed to make Whitetail Properties the nation’s undisputed owner of the keywords “hunting land.” We also created a custom site with a content hub to draw hunters and prospective land owners into the site, and overhauled site navigation to improve user experience and make it easier for prospective buyers to search and find properties.

As Whitetail grew, the company needed operational tech that would make them more efficient in their workflow. So we built a tech stack that matched with their unique business operations. By doing so, we eliminated the need for multiple third-party platforms and created a custom CMS. The custom design and tailored functionality also allowed agents to upload property listings much more quickly, with many added features.

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Since we began working with Whitetail Properties, their growth has been meteoric: from $7 million in sales to more than $2 billion. Today, they are one of the nation’s largest sellers of hunting and recreational land. With over 300 land agents on the ground, Whitetail Properties is now represented in 38 states.


audience increase


referral growth


grown from 10 agents in only the Midwest to 300+ agents in 38 states

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