From kitchen table to national stage.

Pretty Perfect Cheese From kitchen table to national stage.


When we began working with Pretty Perfect Cheese, they were headquartered in owner Maggie Heyworth’s kitchen. Maggie did it all: made the cheese, went to trade shows, even designed the packaging. She had a good start and a delicious product: her famous pimiento cheese which was available in stores in Alabama and Georgia. But she wanted Pretty Perfect Cheese to reach a bigger audience.

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In order to grow, Pretty Perfect Cheese needed to look and feel as big as Maggie’s dreams for the company.


We created a national campaign for Pretty Perfect Cheese that included new packaging, a redesigned website with an online sales component, advertising, and trade show materials. We evolved the vintage look that Maggie liked to help tell the story of a homemade gourmet brand.

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Since the campaign launched, Pretty Perfect Cheese has doubled the number of stores selling their products and quadrupled their product line. They were also included in the prestigious, invitation-only Fancy Food Show.

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