Animation and 3D bring a new kind of RV to life.

Cahaba Animation and 3D bring a new kind of RV to life.

The Situation

Our client, a longtime Class A manufacturer, wanted to grow their business by entering the Class B market. Class B, a smaller, more nimble form of RV, often built on a Mercedes Sprinter van chassis, 
was being purchased by younger audiences for shorter adventures.


The Challenge

Lewis has deep roots in the RV industry, with 20 years of building successful sales growth. But now we were asked to take on a completely new kind of challenge: generate excitement for an all-new vehicle that didn’t yet exist. The vehicle itself was still under development.


The Buyer

Class B buyers tend to add more sporting accessories to their vehicles, and have an increased interest in boondocking (camping in remote areas like federal land, as opposed to a traditional RV park with
electric and water/sewer connections). They want rugged reliability, some measure of off-road capacity, and a greater sense of adventure.


3D Modeling enabled our team to build 
anticipation before product launch.

The Approach

Because the actual product was still in the pre-manufacturing and 
design phase, our creative team needed a way to create content 
and generate excitement without having an actual vehicle to shoot.
Enter our 3D modeling team, who has the ability to create imagery of the vehicle before a physical prototype is even finished. This enabled us to build out a complete marketing campaign while the manufacturing process was still in development.


Design & Branding

Our creative team was deeply involved in the name and design of
the new brand. We proposed the native American name Cahaba, inspired by the Alabama wilderness. We also offered significant
input into the vehicle’s design and graphics, with a wide range of exploration from our graphic design and 3D artists.


Building Anticipation

We devised a plan to tease the vehicle to our client’s fans while it was still in the conceptual phase. Dramatic images of product details were shared on their owned channels, generating curiosity and excitement among thousands of prospective buyers. We gave the Cahaba its own digital presence with all-new social channels and a website where people could get more information about the vehicle and subscribe
to updates. Our team rendered 3D models showcasing different paint schemes and floor plan options. The animation-based approach allowed us to fluidly adapt models in the digital space, even as designs were being finalized.


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