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Trustmark, a $16 billion bank with markets stretching from Houston to the Florida panhandle, asked us to help them expand banking relationships with younger audiences. While they already had a suitable product that students could sign up for, they didn’t offer a specific student banking product or experience, and identified this as an opportunity for growth.



“Tried and true” becomes “old and tired” when marketing financial institutions to this rising Gen Z audience, as well as their Millenial and Gen X parents. Our business intelligence team worked to uncover the many nuances of the younger generation when it comes to their unique banking needs and expectations.

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For us to succeed, Trustmark couldn’t be seen as a “parent’s bank,” so we created an entirely different experience for students with a new product: Squad Banking. We named, branded and designed an authentic messaging strategy that connected with Gen Z's and their lifestyle, values and communications channels. We created an all-new experience on social media as well as a custom website and a complete refresh of the banking app.

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By tapping into the desires and priorities of our target audience, we were able to achieve a +64% year-over-year new account increase for the demographic.

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