Fueling a great brand experience.

Alagasco Fueling a great brand experience.


We found that consumers didn’t understand the benefit of natural gas heat over electric heat. To them a utility was a utility. Your water heater breaks, you go get the cheapest replacement you can find. Doesn’t matter if it’s electric or natural gas.

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Alagasco needed to educate consumers about the difference between gas heat and electric heat. We wanted to celebrate what natural gas does best and, in keeping with the goal of being more brand-focused, we created a new position and tagline: We’re the Good Heat.


The primary goal for this new brand campaign was to supersede typical rational communication by connecting to consumers emotionally. To do this we created an omnichannel campaign including TV, radio, print, digital, direct mail, outdoor, bill inserts, even Alagasco’s employee uniforms.

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Despite being outspent 3 to 1 by the competitor, preference for natural gas over electricity jumped from 12% to 86% in one year — the largest gain the firm conducting the market research had ever seen.

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