Unlocking growth for healthcare companies.

Marketing has changed,
and so have your challenges.

You face a thousand competing priorities: competitive threats, workforce issues, playing catch-up with your tech stack, moving beyond COVID-era losses. You’ve never been asked to accomplish more with less. Yet you know that a splintered marketing budget can be ineffectual. So, where do you focus for the most impact?

Revenue growth,
driven by business intelligence.

The old approaches simply aren’t enough. Awareness is good, preference is desirable, but leadership is counting on you to drive demonstrable revenue growth. At Lewis, we unlock insights from your data that help you focus your marketing spend on the exact places where it can have the most impact on your incremental revenue.

Creativity that multiplies
the power of your investment.

If no one notices or believes your messaging, even the most highly focused efforts can go to waste. Lewis is a creative powerhouse with a proven track record of changing minds with our Connected Brand Experience: impossible-to-ignore advertising, powerful online lead generation and seamless integration at every stage of the marketing funnel.

Healthcare Companies We’ve Helped Grow

Growth Stories

  • +600K In New Revenue From Procedures.
  • +33% Patient Referrals.
  • 2x Cancer Patient Volume From Medicare + Traditional Insurance.


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What’s it Like to Work With the Lewis Team?

  • I have been in healthcare marketing for 23 years, and I haven't ever worked with an agency as thorough as Lewis Communications. They are dedicated, responsive, and understand the complexities of healthcare. I look to their expertise for industry best practices and national trends in promoting our brand. I consider the Lewis Communications team an extension of my own team, and true partner in developing impactful campaigns that prove ROI.

    Rick Plummer, MHI

    AVP, Marketing and Branding, Augusta University Health

  • The Lewis Team is prepared, professional and ready to execute on any marketing need. We spoke to many other agencies before discovering Lewis and they were far and beyond the best partner for our team.

    Angela Trull

    Chief Growth Officer, HighFive Healthcare

  • Lewis builds genuine brands through an impeccable research approach, a sense of what the market and staff can believe, and compelling creative.

    Joel Lee

    Healthcare Consultant, Former Associate Vice Chancellor, Vanderbilt University Medical Center

  • The Lewis team will embrace your problem and your organizational goals. They will seek to understand your key audiences through research, amplify your voice through effective storytelling, and commit to measurable goals that align with your organization. Organizational transformation requires effort across multiple fronts, but you will find no better marketing partner than Lewis Communications.

    Trish Cluff

    Former Chief Strategic Relations and Marketing Officer, University of Virginia Health System

  • We hired Lewis for their national reputation for brand transformation, and they certainly didn’t disappoint. Lewis elevated our organization’s brand value, image, reputation and assisted our business growth through strategic and results-oriented planning and communications. Lewis’ experience and data-driven approaches built consensus within our executive leadership for strategy and execution. A decade later, Lewis’s work is still at the core of branding for the organization, and drives its internal mission and culture.

    Christine Murray

    Former Director of Brand Strategy and Marketing Services, Medical University of South Carolina